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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Long before his role as the party face of the Jade Tree empire, label co-owner Darren Walters fronted Railhed. Backing Darren were three other boys from the home of tax-free shopping, including future Walleye drummer and Clay Creek studio engineer (None More Black, Paint it Black) Nick Rotundo. With guitars too crunchy to be the indie pop of Chapel Hill, and lyrics too introspective for the hardcore puritan set, Railhed provides a sublime preview of what was to soon come, as well as a creative reinterpretation of contemporaries like Samiam, Jawbreaker, and Dag Nasty .

Awesome 90's emo hardcore band with interesting soft sound and deep atmosphere.

railhed - 1992 - forever bound 7'' (inner journey records)

Download: - 1992 - forever bound 7'' (inner journey records).rar

railhed - 1992 - i am you 7'' (jade tree records)

Download: - 1992 - i am you 7'' (jade tree records).rar

railhed - 1993 - tarantella 12'' (jade tree records)

Download: - 1993 - tarantella 12'' (jade tree records).rar


  1. Awesome band that I feel never really got the recognition they deserved. I have the LP on cd and it has been awhile since I have listened to it. Thanks for reminding me about this classic. My brother actually has a tat of the I am ep cover. Thanks...Tim

  2. I remember seeing these guys in newark many times... great band, from a great scene that gerts no recognition aside of the people from DE

  3. whoa. railhed. talk about a bl'ast from the past. while i might not hold their music dear to my heart, i can say without a doubt that those dudes from newark were totally cool. this is totally better than eidolon. hahahaha.