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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

damnation ad

Damnation AD started in 1993 in DC. This is really unique band which played dark heavy metallic hardcore. Also Ken Olden (Battery, Youth Of Today, Farcry, Better Than A Thousand, Shelter, Worlds Collide) played here. I also have other LP's and seven inches but I will post them after I will rip them into mp3. Check this band for sure if you don't hear them earlier.

So my favourite LP from Jade Tree.

damnation ad - 1995 - no more dreams of happy endings 12'' (jade tree records)

Download: ad - 1995 - no more dreams of happy endings 12'' (jade tree records).rar

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

donde todo termina

Check good band from Argentina in the vein of Shield, Mean Season etc.
If someone can upload their EP - it will be awesome.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Veil was a straight edge hardcore band from Germany. They were active during the 90’s and released several albums and EP’s including a split 7” with Drowning Room. They also appeared on several compilations where the “Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits” is the most famous one. During their hayday they played and toured with bands like Treadmill, Congress, 108, Pole, Morrison, Blindfold, Spawn, Despair, Enfold, Soma and many more.

veil - 1995 - st 7'' (threesome records)

Download: - 1995 - st 7'' (threesome records).rar

veil - 1996 - time will tell... (threesome records)

Download: - 1996 - time will tell... (threesome records).rar

veil - 1996 - the burden of life (frontline records)

Download: - 1996 - the burden of life (frontline records).rar

veil - 1998 - words against nothing (century media)

Download: - 1998 - words against nothing (century media).rar

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


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Friday, February 17, 2012

chapter, junta

2 chaotic 90's metalcore bands.

chapter & junta - 1996 - split '' (fail-self records)

Download: & junta - 1996 - split '' (fail-self records).rar

junta - 1997 - st 7'' (dogprint records)

Download: - 1997 - st 7'' (dogprint records).rar

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against all my fears

This guys made good video!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

added 2 rare shirts for sale from my personal collection - Chokehold and Drift Again. Soon more - Grip, Mean Season, Strife, Fault, Abhinanda, Endpoint, Spawn, Outspoken, Ressurection, 108, and... Encounter!!!
check online store

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One of the best 90's vegan straight edge metalcore ever. Check them!

tension - 1996 - agent of the people 12'' (uprising records)

Download: - 1996 - agent of the people 12'' (uprising records).rar

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Fabric was emo hardcore band in the early 90's. They released songs on MAchination Records and Doghouse so this should be reason for you to check them.

fabric - 1994 - saturnalia 7'' (doghouse records)

Download: - 1994 - saturnalia 7'' (doghouse records).rar

fabric - 1994 - st 7'' (machination records)

Download: - 1994 - st 7'' (machination records).rar

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Sunday, February 12, 2012 - this is the best 90's hardcore blog. Regularly updated with interesting stuff. - and new blog from our friend from Moscow. Politics, straight edge, animal rights, anti racism, music etc. Check this for sure!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This post is not about music, bands etc. I want to write about my good friend. Her name is Lina, and she live in Saint Petersburg - the best city in Russia.

I think she has talent. She can draw really interesting and nice looked pictures. My child dream was drawing good (but I never draw good) and when I see her pictures I undestand that they describe my dream. I like her style, her emotions, her atmospehere and darkness which you can feel through the pictures, and also I like her meaning of things she draw. This is the main reason why I wanted to write here. One Truth blog is only one place in web where I can write some stuff and many people will read it. So I decided to try help she with her dreams come true and shared this interesting creative person with you, friends.
She used to draw covers for bands, picture designs. (you can see her design selling on Panic Records - )
At the moment she is in process of interesting work! Lina is doing limited press of hand made zine with her best pictures.

This is the best DIY I ever see! She will sell later some copies for several bucks so don't lose this! Personally I pre-order several copies)))
You can see all her pictures on her tumblr
And she will glad to speak with all of you on her facebook
I hope some of you will find in her pictures some emotions, understanding, maybe some similar thoughts. If yes - write her! I am sure she will be very happy.
And if you want to support her and get awesome piece of independent art - write her and buy them (now they are very very cheap so don't lose them. I believe sometimes she will be well known and her pictures will sell on ebay more expensive than Banksy hahaha)
Let your dreams come true!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

one truth records

We are happy to announce that One Truth Records family is bigger now - our friend from Moscow now help us to make Moscow division of label. So russian friends will have opportunity to get our releases faster and more comfortable.

We have a little delay with printing Set Adrift covers but don't worry, we are trying to do as soon as we can and all pre-orders will ship the next day we make covers. Thanks.

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Somebody have any info about this band?

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Best video from 90's

Refused Live In Gislaved, Sweden 1995

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is unreleased LP that I get from Tim Roosevelt. This LP is awesome...unfortunately never released..

lincoln - unreleased lp - Unreleased LP.rar

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Awesome 90's newschool hardcore band. In the vein of Refused, Snapcase etc.

grey - 1995 - st 7'' (happy noise records)


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As I know this band made only seven inch which was released by Moo Cow Records. Typical Moo Cow style in good meaning.))

execute - 1997 - time between the fanfare 7'' (moo cow records)

Download: - 1997 - time between the fanfare 7'' (moo cow records).rar

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Tim (Roosevelt) was involved in this band too. They made only demo in 93 and this band strongly remind me early songs of Outspoken and Edgewise. Enjoy!

platform - 1993 - demo - 1993 - demo.rar

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the porchfront chat

Also some stuff from Tim. He describes this band - I also was in a I guess you could call it post hardcore/emo band called THE PORCHFRONT CHAT. The band did not last long. The line up for that was me on vocals, my brother Justin on guitar(he was also in Roosevelt and Burgundy) Chris who played bass in Roosevelt(he later played in Red Roses for a Blue Lady) and Dave Leblue from Mercury Program on drums. We recorded a tape right before the band broke up, that was never officially released and other than a handful of people no one has heard.

This band had a chance to be second Sensefield!!! Awesome emo rock, very emotion atmosphere, guitar without distortion, sometimes 2 voices. All fans of true emo will enjoy this stuff.

the porchfront chat - demo 1997 porchfront chat - demo 1997.rar

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Big thanks for Tim from Roosevelt - now we all have a chance to hear some really rare stuff from 90's emo hardcore era. Some days ago I posted Roosevelt demo tape which was distributing locally for a few copies. Here is another rare but good band. Burgundy was the band that came out after Roosevelt broke up . It is 3/5 of Roosevelt and Dave Leblue of Mercury Program on bass. It is more rocking and emo than Roosevelt. I like this stuff so check them. The best moments are when guys from 90's contact me cause I post their band, say thanks for this and give us a chance to discover new rare bands from that era.

burgundy - 1995 - demo tape - 1995 - demo tape.rar

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colossus of the fall

Good emo hardcore stuff from 90's released on Doghouse Records.

colossus of the fall - 1995 - st 7'' (doghouse records)

Download: of the fall - 1995 - st 7'' (doghouse records).rar

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above all

Metallic hardcore band from Southend-On-Sea, Essex UK.
Originally heavily influenced by the the new wave of early 90’s metalcore bands such as Earth Crisis.
The group later gained a more undiluted metal sound, hailing Slayer etc for inspiration.

above all - 1995 - blood of ages 7'' (sure hand records)

Download: all - 1995 - blood of ages 7'' (sure hand records).rar

above all - 1996 - saviour flexi 7'' (how we rock records)

Download: all - 1996 - saviour flexi 7'' (how we rock records).rar

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Rare 7'' from Sober Mind Records.

sektor - 1995 - ultimate threat 7'' (sober mind records)

Download: - 1995 - ultimate threat 7'' (sober mind records).rar

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Late in the summer of 1990, four friends in Vancouver started their first band. As Sparkmarker, they toured North America extensively, stormed through Europe, recorded several dozen songs which appeared on a score of releases as well as ten different compilations. Widely considered the forefathers of the post-hardcore scene in Canada, Sparkmarker simply describes their music as “loud. ” They made their mark both musically and socially, especially in Vancouver where the lack of an all-ages venue prompted their participation in starting the Gest Quest co-op. Sparkmarker continued to keep the do it yourself ethic alive by releasing several of their own records, a couple of which far exceeded anyone’s expectations in sales and exposure.

After almost a sum total of a year on tour in their seven year existence, Sparkmarker called it quits towards the end of their summer 1997 tour in Europe.

sparkmarker - 1993 - scallen 7'' (heart first records)

Download: - 1993 - scallen 7'' (heart first records).rar

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Friday, February 3, 2012


I was very surprised when Tim who used to sing in Roosevelt write me to email and said he also have demo tape from band. So I asked him to send me mp3's and now I post them here. It was interesting band and you should checked them for sure if you miss for 90's emo hardcore era.

roosevelt - 1994 - demo tape - 1994 - demo tape.rar

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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