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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Veil was a straight edge hardcore band from Germany. They were active during the 90’s and released several albums and EP’s including a split 7” with Drowning Room. They also appeared on several compilations where the “Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits” is the most famous one. During their hayday they played and toured with bands like Treadmill, Congress, 108, Pole, Morrison, Blindfold, Spawn, Despair, Enfold, Soma and many more.

veil - 1995 - st 7'' (threesome records)

Download: - 1995 - st 7'' (threesome records).rar

veil - 1996 - time will tell... (threesome records)

Download: - 1996 - time will tell... (threesome records).rar

veil - 1996 - the burden of life (frontline records)

Download: - 1996 - the burden of life (frontline records).rar

veil - 1998 - words against nothing (century media)

Download: - 1998 - words against nothing (century media).rar

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  1. Awesome post, I've been looking for the early stuff for a very long time... Thanks a lot :)