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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ferguson are from Switzerland. They played awesome 90's emo hardcore with screamo elements and Christian from Blue Water Boy played here. One of the first DIY bands from this area.

ferguson - 1996 - st 12'' (ape must not kill ape records)


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

set adrift

Set Adrift - Live At Raketa Fest, SP, Russia, 27.08.2011
tracklist -
01. Inhalation
02. Freewill Intro
03. Soul Cages
04. Forced By Hate
05. Between Dream And Reality
06. Release...Escape
07. Hide (Shield Cover)
08. The Essence
09. Shadow

Set Adrift - Live At Raketa Fest, SP, Russia, 27.08.2011 from xonetruthx on Vimeo.

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Aspire - Live in Raketa, 28.08.11, SP, Russia from xonetruthx on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Wow it's great feeling to write about this guys again. Their show in Kiev was awesome.
I can say it was one of the best hardcore show in my life. Just want to post their new album. New songs are in the vein of Trial - powerful, angry, political. You should check this release for sure!!!

abolition - 2011 - st 12'' (holy roar records)


And support please them by buying records and shirts!

Love you guys! And fucking miss you!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

falling forward

Falling Forward from timefallsnear on Vimeo.

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Former Mouthpiece guitarist Matt Wieder moved to Louisville a few years back, and played in Guilt and The Enkindels before deciding to put together a straight edge band with Enkindels/By The Grace Of God drummer Thommy Browne. They recorded their first seven inch with Thommy on drums and Matt doing everything else before recruiting more members for the band.

When Automatic became a fully functioning outfit, they found their guitarist in local hardcore scenester Ryan Patterson. Ben Teague later signed on to play the first couple of shows and never left. The second guitar spot has been a revolving door but the core of the band has remained the same.

The band’s sound is melodic and catchy, highly reminiscent of Dag Nasty- something Automatic isn’t ashamed about at all. While most hardcore bands site the New York sound as a primary influence, Automatic take their sound and ideology from Washington D.C. greats like Swiz, Ignition, Bad Brains, Gray Matter and yes, Dag Nasty.

Ryan sums up the bands outlook on straight edge and being part of a “revival” movement. “We wanted to start a band that were guys that were a little bit older but were still straight edge and still into hardcore,” Ryan points out that, “we are going to begin a hardcore band and end a hardcore band. Every one of our songs has rock aspects to it so there ‘s no need for us
to put out our ‘Staring Into The Sun’ or ‘Aftertaste’.

If Automatic follows the footsteps of their DC predecessors, Their days maybe numbered. So don’t miss your chance to catch what will surely be one of the late 90’s most important hardcore bands.

automatic - 1999 - st 7'' (reflections records)


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The dearest shirts for me!!!

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A straight edge hardcore band from The Netherlands featuring member of Spawn and Feeding the Fire. The band released one 7 inch on Crucial Response Records in 1994. They played in the vein of Snapcase, Strife etc.

backdraft - 1994 - the stream 7'' (crucial response records)


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sektor, vitality

Sektor and Vitality are classic H8000 vegan straight edge metalcore bands from ODK crew, Belgium. They played in unique raw style, and were in the vein of other H8000 bands. Both releases are on Sober Mind Records - label of Hans Liar.

sektor - 1997 - human spots of rust 12'' (sober mind records)


sektor & vitality - split 7'' (sober mind records)


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Thursday, August 18, 2011


One of the best classic 90's newschool hardcore albums ever.

blindside - 1994 - highschool 12'' (1124 records)


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

cross section

One of the best 90's emo hardcore bands!! Unfortunately I can't find any info about Cross Section, I just know they are from Syracuse. They play in the vein of Drift Again, Another Wall with great girl's back-vocal! Check this band! Awesome mix of Another Wall and Ashes!

Thanks for info from comment -
Cross Section were from Syracuse, correct. Prior to being called Cross Section, they were called Bonejack. Bonejack did a split cassette release with another Syracuse band Infusion (who later became Blood Runs Black which later evolved [basically] into Godbelow). As for Cross Section, though I was (and still am) friends with some of the members of the band, I never really followed them so I'm not really much use as far as anything discography related. I can, however, give you some member status history; Cross Section eventually morphed into Beta Minus Mechanic who eventually put out some stuff on Crisis/Rev. After BME disbanded, Tony (drummer) and Erick (guitar) started a great band called The Farthest Man w/ Shane Durgee (Framework), Chuck (Blood Runs Black) and Slider (Blood Runs Black). That was unfortunately short lived and Tony then joined my band Another Victim, Erick later joined Earth Crisis and Slider & Chuck aided in starting Godbelow.

cross section - 1994 - abandoned 7'' (significant records)


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

This post is special for Seweng Ngewes from Indonesia. I am posting all records that I have at the moment. Thanks for supporting this blog.

Congress was a Belgian hardcore band formed in 1993, recognized as a leader of the h8000 scene.

They introduced a musical style known as “Edgemetal”, a combination of the straight edge/drug-free lifestyle and death metal music.

congress - 1995 - euridium 7'' (warehouse records)


congress - 1997 - the other cheek 12'' (good life recordings)


congress - 1998 - angry with the sun LP (good life recordings)


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Monday, August 8, 2011

against the wall

I think there are 3 bands who first made strong influence on 90's newschool hardcore:Burn,Inside Out and Against The Wall.
Against The Wall were from Orange County scene,and in 1989 their 7'' was fucking revolutional. I don't want to describe this band, it's classic record and it don't need any words. Also there were in band such guys as Mike Heartsfield and Alex Barreto who later played in other influential bands.

against the wall - 1989 - identify me 7'' (nemesis records)


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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


A 90’;s Emotive Hardcore band from Syracuse, New York. They released a demo in 1991 and a 7” “After This Day” in1992 on Conquer the World Records. Members went on to Autumn Leaf Dance.

I think Oversight were very influential band for 90's emotional newschool hardcore, and later bands like Split Lip, Shoulder, Enkindel played in the vein of Oversight. Also it's 1st release of one of the best label - Conquer The World!

oversight - 1992 - after this day... 7'' (conquer the world records)


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


One of the favourites shirts!!!

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Reveal was a Dutch Hardcore band based in Dongen. Their musical style can be compared to the likes of Unbroken.
They have recorded three albums: “To Explore The Invention, To Create” wich released under Genet Records and two records under the Goodlife label: “Dissection of Thought” (1997) MCD and “Through the eye of perfection” CD (1999).
Line-up— Vocals : Geert Bass : Dave Drums : Maarten Guitar : Mischa

Now the group has disbanded and individual members can be found performing in the experimental metal group “Transmisson0” and 70’s stoner rock band “Hooghwater”

This band is my favourite from Good Life. Great mix of newchool hardcore with metalcore, with interesting lyrics, with good created driving parts, angry vocals! Check the song called Fake Future!!!

reveal - 1997 - dissection of thought (good life recordings)


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