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Monday, August 8, 2011

against the wall

I think there are 3 bands who first made strong influence on 90's newschool hardcore:Burn,Inside Out and Against The Wall.
Against The Wall were from Orange County scene,and in 1989 their 7'' was fucking revolutional. I don't want to describe this band, it's classic record and it don't need any words. Also there were in band such guys as Mike Heartsfield and Alex Barreto who later played in other influential bands.

against the wall - 1989 - identify me 7'' (nemesis records)



  1. I downloaded this record and their demo. Demo is very good! this record is ok

    1. Where did you find the demo? I cant find it.

  2. This record destroys their demo? Almost not even the same band. Alex was never in this band, you are mistaken.

  3. Madrid is A big fat druken mess now..... so much for straight edge.........