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Monday, March 21, 2011

parasitic skies

Parasitic Skies is a 4-piece vegan straight edge hardcore band from Seattle, WA. They released an EP entitled “Embers” on the XSeventhDaggerX record label.

parasitic skies - 2008 - embers 7'' (seventh dagger records)


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the suppression swing

The Suppression Swing formed after popular So Cal. Bands Outspoken and Caste broke up. After only a handful of practices in which Jason Hampton, who was originally playing guitar, became the singer, The Swing recorded the Just A Word 7 for New Age Records and started playing live. At that point the line-up was PT Pugh on drums, Mike Hartsfield on guitar, Evan Mann on second guitar, Ed McKirdy on bass and Hampton on vocals.

After playing several local and out of town shows, The Swing decamped to the studio to record the groundbreaking Greeted With Closed Arms full length CD. McKirdy had since moved back to New Jersey and was replaced by Mean Seasons Colin Buis.

The band continued to play with Buis being replaced by Dave Patterson. Patterson a longtime fan of the Orange County hardcore scene was very into playing with such a powerhouse line-up.

While the times and band members have changed over the years, it is that initial love of music of wanting to express something together that best defines the legacy left by The Suppression Swing.

the supression swing - 1995 - just a word 7'' (new age records)


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Friday, March 11, 2011


Awesome 90's newschool hardcore band. Can't find any information about them but their music is really interesting. You should to check them!

opposition - better days and bad advice LP (push pull records)


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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's band who remind me Threadbare and Ressurection. It's sad that they broke up but check them!
Lake City, UT’s straight edge outfit Reflect. Part of the current trend of mid-’90s influenced hardcore bands, they play very competently and with tons of passion. With vocals both screamed and spoken softly, they bring to mind the hardcore of yore such as 108, Countervail and Unbroken.

reflect - 2009 - the hourglass end CD (skinned elbow records)


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