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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy NEW YEAR to everyone!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

rain still falls

One of the original generation of emo bands, Rain Still Falls was an energetic quintet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that existed from 1992-1998. They released very little recorded material and are most known for their contribution to the first volume of Deep Elm’s legendary “Emo Diaries” series called “Beginner Swimmer”. They quoted Rites of Spring and Quicksand as inspirations.

Complete Discography:
s/t 7” - 1995/1996?, Unknown (self-released?)
- Beginner Swimmer
- Relax
Sometimes Something CD - 1995, Watermark

- Cloth
- Kelly
- Fossil
- Slowgreen
- Without
- Third
- Plant Life

Compilation songs:
Stones to Mark a Fire Comp. - 1995, Militant Records/Vegan Earth Order
- Specific Elsewhere
A Document of Something - 1996, Second Nature Recordings
- Driver
The Emo Diaries, Vol. 1: What’s Mine Is Yours - 1997, Deep Elm
- Beginner Swimmer

rain still falls - 1997 - st 7'' (watermark records)

Download: still falls - 1997 - st 7'' (watermark records).rar

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


ressurection - 2011 - i am not the discography (deathwish records)

Download: - 2011 - i am not the discography (deathwish records).rar

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set adrift, one truth records

Hi friends. I am happy to inform you that New Year sale started and you can order Set Adrift collector's pack for 100$ (6 records including TEST PRESS). Sale is active from 25th of December to 5th of January. Not many available so hurry up. We hope for your support. Thanks.

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bloodline - 1991 - the waiting game 7'' (old world records)

Download: - 1991 - the waiting game 7'' (old world records).rar

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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Conversion Records never released bad bands. Check this guys - they played that type of hardcore which was pre-90's newschool era.

relapse - 1990 - st 7'' (progression records)


relapse - 1991 - if this is right 7'' (conversion records)


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I love this band. I love this seven inch. Musically they were much more better than Vegan Reich and Statement, ideologically they stayed for the same ideas. I know that later many guys from this band lose their vegan or edge but when I think about Raid I remember how they change my mind about many things. I don't care if they lost or not (they have their own life), but they change something inside of me - that's why I love them and why they are important for me.

raid - 1990 - words of war 7'' (hardline records)


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vegan reich

So I continue to be media hardcore pirate and anti copyrighter__)))
Also I want to thanks all that guys who support me, who write me good words, I feel happy you need my work and it's great that my energy emotions which I put in One Truth Blog are supported by readers. Thanks to you all guys.

And thanks for all guys who played in bands I posted and who comments in this blog. When you leave your comments and thanks for post I feel happy)

Personally I don't like this band. But in 90's they were important. They created new radical stream in hardcore ideas. I don't say they were good or bad. It's your decision. But this is classic.

vegan reich - 1990 - hardline (hardline records)


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Monday, December 19, 2011

for all fans of Trial

Now you can't download Trial mp3's from this blog. You should thanks to Timm Macintosh from Trial\Panic Records. He thinks that people shouldn't listen mp3's and he has copyrights on Trial mp3's. He wanna you buy stuff from him and don't listen Trial. This situation changed my mind about this label. Everybody who thinks that hardcore music has any copyrights can suck. Don't read this blog in that case. For me hardcore is message and ideas. Not selling records or cd's. So thanks, Timm. You said no one buy stuff from you - I hope everybody who wanted to do this in future will change his decision.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


And this band is from Connecticut.

groundwork - changing weather (round two records)


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groundwork, suspended animation

90's straight edge newschool hardcore band from Arizona, for fans of Unbroken and Chokehold.

groundwork - 1992 - lay down 7'' (break even point records)


groundwork - 1993 - living in fear 7'' (bloodlink records)


groundwork & suspended animation - 1991 - split 7'' (ghost town records)


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Thursday, December 15, 2011


I believe this band is from Germany. They played canonic newschool hardcore and this 7'' is really rare. I never hear about it until some day when I trade it from German guy. Check this band for sure!

element - 1995 - absorbed in thought 7'' (self released)


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new year sale on One Truth Records

There will be New Year sale on One Truth Records soon. From 25th of December to 5th of January you will be able to buy Set Adrift - Collector's pack for 100$. Not many copies so hurry up! Sale will start on 00-01 of 25th of December. Visit our online store - Thanks for support.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Extinction was a straight edge band from the Chicago, Illinios area. During their three year existence they played frequently in the Midwest as well as on the east coast. Extinction combined influences from bands such as Unbroken, and Damnation AD with a tratitional hardcore sound which gave them a unique style.

extinction - 1997 - what you have created 7'' (catalyst records)


extinction - 1999 - hypocrisy breeds traitors LP (impression records)


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Friday, December 2, 2011

focal point

Fuck this was the best band!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

four walls falling

I love this fucking band!!!!!
No more words - just listen! Second 7'' is genious!

four walls falling - 1989 - st 7'' (axtion packed records)


four walls falling - 1992 - european release 7'' (understand records)


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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Liar is a straight edge hardcore band from the H8000 scene in Belgium. Early ’90s they introduced influences of thrash, black and death metal in hardcore, when there were only emo and youthcrew bands on European soil. Debut cd Falls of Torment was released through Goodlife Recordings in ‘95 and shook the scene with it’s heavy Slayer-influenced hardcore.

In ‘97 Invictus was released, one of the best metallic hardcore albums ever from Europe and far beyond. In ‘99 Deathrow Earth was released which is considered their darkest album. After this album guitarist and co-founder Josh Fury left the band to focus on CONGRESS. 2 guitarists replaced him. In 2001 Liar’s Hell was released on Alveran Records, and in 2005 Murder Manifesto on GSR Music, which was very brutal, dark and black metalcore alike.

In 2006 Liar called it quits. They also released some split cd’s, toured Europe lots of times, toured Japan, and still live the vegan/veggie straight edge lifestyle.

In 2008 however they announced a comeback.

liar- 1996 - falls of torment 12'' (good life recordings)


liar - 1997 - invictus 12'' (genet records)


liar - 1999 - deathrow earth LP (good life recordings)


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Monday, November 28, 2011

on fall

Vegan straight edge metalcore from Italia. Check this band sure - they are from that times when ideas in music were important!!!

on fall - 1997 - exit #1 (justice records)


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pain runs deep

Pain Runs Deep did really start in late 90s, recorded a decent MCD, gigged a bit and went into a long hiatus to be back among the living in 2008. Refreshed, rejuvanted and reinforced they delivered bunch of quality shows, crushing all over the place, getting enormous feedback from the crowd who turned out to be totally new generation of hardcore kids with few of those who stage dove to their songs when they were around for the first time. Show after show, the excitment grew and many kids travelled from all over the country to enjoy their wild stage performance along with the message shouted loud. What seemed to be one time “let’s get together and have some fun at shows” type of thing made them go record few new tunes to encapsulate the energy they drawn from the shows and express their current state of mind - musically and lyrically.

Heavier than ever, highly structured, yet groovy hard hitting riffs, backed by furious vocals is what they created. What they’ve loved listening to hardcore for their lives, they simply poured into their music - from Cro-Mags through Burn, Conviction and Leeway to Burn It Down. Lyrically - still critical look at this world we live in, screaming for balance, harmony and reason.

pain runs deep - 2010 - whispered truths 7'' (the essence records)


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

If you wanna I write review of your blog and give a link on it on One Truth Blog just write in comments link for blog you run for.

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Dive was an early 90’s hardcore band out of Boston. They released two 7 inch records, a split with Opposition, a demo, a couple of songs for compilations, plus a discography cd. Members went on to Bound, Hatchet Face, get high and Dropkick Murphys.

dive - 1993 - force five 7'' (evolution records)


dive - 1995 - infinity as an unseen master 7'' (figure four records)


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

set adrift

Friends, download please our full length with all lyrics here
Thanks for your support!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

set adrift, one truth records

We started pre-orders for Set Adrift LP today.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011


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This is one of my favourite bands. Really I don't know why they aren't so known as Drift Again for example. They played pre-90's newschool melodic hardcore in the vein of Encounter, Another Wall, Forced Down, Amenity. 12'' called Drift is the best from their releases. Check them for sure. Also later I will post few their seven inches too.

intent - 1990 - empty 7'' (redemption records)


intent - 1990 - st 7'' (core records)


intent - 1992 - drift 12'' (drive records)


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the swarm

This was one of the best bands from Canada after Chokehold. The Swarm played original mix of 90's metalcore, black and thrash metal with elements of powerviolence. Also they are political minded and very very angry. Chris Colohan of Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, and Fucked Up played here too. Just check this band and I am sure you will like it.

the swarm - 1998 - parasitic skies 10'' (no idea records)


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torn apart

If you wanna dose of oldschool vegan sxe metalcore in the vein of Life Sentence Records - download this angry dark shit.

torn apart - 1996 - extermination 7'' (life sentence records)


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set adrift, one truth records

This record is like a story of a storming soul clinging to its
feelings and dreams and trying to escape extinction through
self-knowledge. This is the story of everyone of us left in the
darkness surrounded by the whisper of hopelessness. The only
possibility to survive here is to never let the inner light wane,
never let any sufferings suppress the heart beat but believe that we
can find those who are similar to us. Those deeply hurt but ready to
fight for their own way. The way we can light together and for each
Since the debut 7" record was issued, Set Adrift still give us the
sgnals just like a beacon through the storm. Preludes of noise and
acoustic guitar parts immerse us into specific atmosphere the new 12"
record is surrounded by. This is the music in the best traditions of
the 90-s hardcore (Shield, Temperance, Mean Season), where each song
turns out to be a message brought to us by the sea waves and each line
of each songs is ready to be sang by the chorus of voices and gifted
to the eternity.

New Set Adrift songs will soon be available on cassettes and CDs at
Reason Records and on 12" at One Truth Records, Ukraine, TRVS Records
and Hidden Rainbows Records, Russia. Pressing info - 20 test presses
(black) with special test press cover, 75 blue, 75 red, 75 green
coloured vinyl, 50 black vinyl records, 25 black records with special
edition cover. Collection pack (6 records) will be available only
through One Truth Records. Contacts: .Listen
to the new song at .

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Friday, November 18, 2011

set adrift, one truth records

Эта запись -- как история о бушующей душе, которая спасается от
угасания через самопознание, цепляясь за свои чувства и мечты. Это
история про каждого из нас -- оставленных в темноте и окружённых
шёпотом безнадёжности. Единственная возможность остаться здесь в живых
-- не дать угаснуть свету внутри, не позволить страданиям заглушить
биение сердца и верить в то, что мы сможем найти себе подобных. Таких
же истерзанных и готовых бороться за свой путь. Путь, который мы
вместе сможем осветить друг для друга.
После выпуска дебютной 7" пластинки Set Adrift продолжает подавать нам
сигналы, как маяк сквозь морской шторм. Новая 12" запись окружена
особой атмосферой, в которую нас погружают шумовые вступления и
акустическая гитара. Это музыка, впитавшая в себя лучшее от наследия
групп 90-х (Shield, Temperance, Mean Season), где каждая песня
разворачивается как будто послание, принесённое волнами. И каждая
строчка этих песен уже готова быть пропета хором и подарена

New Set Adrift songs will be available soon on cassettes and CD’s on Reason Records and on 12’’ on One Truth Records in Ukraine, TRVS Records and Hidden Rainbows Records in Russia. Pressing info – 20 test presses on black with test press special cover, 75 on blue, 75 on red, 75 on green, 50 on black, 25 on black with special edition cover. Collector’s pack (5 records) will be available only through One Truth Records. Write to .Listen to new song on .

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

strength 691

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

spirit of youth

spirit of youth - 1992 - the abyss 7'' (crucial response records)


spirit of youth - 1998 - source 12'' (sober mind records)


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Awesome and unknown band from USA in the vein of Drift Again, Encounter, Another Wall, Amenity etc. Check them! I think their 7'' can be one of the canonic 91's hardcore seven inches, if you understand me. Listen song Silence Hurts - my favourite!!!

structure - 1992 - st 7'' (noode records)


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Sunday, November 13, 2011

set adrift

It was one of the best days in my life.

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The New Jersey-based hardcore band Endeavor comprised vocalist Mike Olender, guitarists Kevin Tunney and Mike Duffy, bassist Mark Zeveney and drummer Mike Rummel. After issuing their debut Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat on the Conversion label in 1997, they signed to Trustkill for the follow-up Constructive Semantics, released later that same year.

Awesome band which used to play chaotic 90's newschool hardcore. Love them very much!!!

endeavor - 1995 - ...of equality 7'' (phyte records)


endeavor - 1996 - st 7'' (ferret records)


endeavor - 1997 - constructive semantics LP (trustkill records)


envy & endeavor - 1997 - split 7'' (hg fact)


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birthright - 1997 - out of darkness 7'' (good life recordings)


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