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Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is one of my favourite bands. Really I don't know why they aren't so known as Drift Again for example. They played pre-90's newschool melodic hardcore in the vein of Encounter, Another Wall, Forced Down, Amenity. 12'' called Drift is the best from their releases. Check them for sure. Also later I will post few their seven inches too.

intent - 1990 - empty 7'' (redemption records)


intent - 1990 - st 7'' (core records)


intent - 1992 - drift 12'' (drive records)



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  2. The one from Texas is awesome yeah, I agree! That 'Empty' 7" was also released with a different cover by a different label (Punchline Records, I posted the other version some time ago). The 2nd 7" listed is from a different Intent. That Intent was from Albany, NY and included Nate Wilson (Devoid Of Faith, Monster X, ...).