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Saturday, November 12, 2011

culture, roosevelt

Great split!From one side classic vegan straight edge metalcore, from other - awesome 90's emo hardcore!

culture & roosevelt - 1994 - split 7'' (intention records)



  1. Awesome blog, I have found alot of great stuff on this blog . Bands that I have not heard in a long time. Cool post also . I was the singer in Roosevelt. There is also a Roosevelt seven inch that is heavier with 3 songs recorded from same session as Smile.I have seen it on some other blogs. Originally this was going to be a south florida compilation with the bands Afterall and Tension.

  2. hi friend
    thanks for your comment
    roosevelt was awesome band!!!thanks for it! I also have your single 7'' and I will post it later.

  3. I also have a Roosevelt Demo tape . Recorded on a four track recorder. Songs are good recording is okay. I could rip it, but I am not sure how to email files or put it into an mp3. Demo was recorded in 1994 in my bedroom.

  4. wooooooooow!! I wanna have it and post it here!! I think it's super rare demo - if you will rip it I will the happiest man in the world :-) do you have some pictures and videos of Roosevelt?

  5. I have ripped the demo but I am not sure how to send it to you. I don't have any videos. I do know there were some made. I may have some photos and some old show flyers That I will have to look for. If I can't figure out how to email them to you . I could put it on cd and mail it to you..Tim

  6. Tim write me please to
    Thanks for your answer

  7. I have been busy lately i will email you soon, Thanks Tim

  8. The second pressing of this has a different cover. Tim