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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Spawn was also a straight edge hardcore band out of Germany in the mid-90’s. The band released a 7 inch (also released on Crucial Response Records) in 1993, and then a full length album on New Age Records in 1996. They also released a split 7 inch with Feeding the Fire in 1994.

For me this best German newschool hardcore band with really unique European sound which can be described as mix of classic 90's chugga and early 90's metalcore. Heavy riffs, depressive screaming vocal and quick guitar parts makes this band easy recognized.

And their LP is fucking RARE!!! Just saw it once in life and bought it)))

spawn - 1993 - st 7'' (emblem records)


spawn - 1995 - adrift 12'' (new age records)



  1. I believe at some point Patrick Kietzel of TRUE BLUE and REAPER RECORDS sang in this band.

    The "Adrift" LP is here at my local 2nd hand record store for like 15€, it's been there for years. hit me up if someone's looking for it.

  2. Nope! He sang in True Blue! Another band from the same region here in Germany!

  3. PK did sing for spawn at one point.