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Saturday, May 5, 2012

by the grace of god

Started for fun in 1995 by (ex) members of Guilt, Endpoint, Enkindel, Empathy, and Falling Forward, By The Grace Of God took center stage in their hometown of Louisville Kentucky, rather quickly. Taking up touring, their first and second records came by way of Chicago’s Victory records. After Victory’s support of bands like One Life Crew, promotions in porn magazines (and videos), and general unease within the band, BTGOG released 3 Steps To A Better Democracy in 1999 on hometown label 3 Little Girls. Seeing a limited release, the band continued for only a short while longer, playing a slew of “last shows”. The band reunited in October 2005 for a show in Louisville to benefit a sick friend, and also to release 3 Steps… remastered with extra material on Initial Records. It was Initial’s final release. Members of the band now play in Black Cross, Minnow, D. Biddle, and Us Lions. One of my favourite bands! by the grace of god - 1996 - for the love of indie rock 7'' (victory records) by the grace of god - 1997 - perspective (victory records)

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