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Monday, November 28, 2011

pain runs deep

Pain Runs Deep did really start in late 90s, recorded a decent MCD, gigged a bit and went into a long hiatus to be back among the living in 2008. Refreshed, rejuvanted and reinforced they delivered bunch of quality shows, crushing all over the place, getting enormous feedback from the crowd who turned out to be totally new generation of hardcore kids with few of those who stage dove to their songs when they were around for the first time. Show after show, the excitment grew and many kids travelled from all over the country to enjoy their wild stage performance along with the message shouted loud. What seemed to be one time “let’s get together and have some fun at shows” type of thing made them go record few new tunes to encapsulate the energy they drawn from the shows and express their current state of mind - musically and lyrically.

Heavier than ever, highly structured, yet groovy hard hitting riffs, backed by furious vocals is what they created. What they’ve loved listening to hardcore for their lives, they simply poured into their music - from Cro-Mags through Burn, Conviction and Leeway to Burn It Down. Lyrically - still critical look at this world we live in, screaming for balance, harmony and reason.

pain runs deep - 2010 - whispered truths 7'' (the essence records)


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  1. Very good polish new school vegan sxe band.Their first mcd record was better but this is also very good. Thanks for post