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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Reveal was a Dutch Hardcore band based in Dongen. Their musical style can be compared to the likes of Unbroken.
They have recorded three albums: “To Explore The Invention, To Create” wich released under Genet Records and two records under the Goodlife label: “Dissection of Thought” (1997) MCD and “Through the eye of perfection” CD (1999).
Line-up— Vocals : Geert Bass : Dave Drums : Maarten Guitar : Mischa

Now the group has disbanded and individual members can be found performing in the experimental metal group “Transmisson0” and 70’s stoner rock band “Hooghwater”

This band is my favourite from Good Life. Great mix of newchool hardcore with metalcore, with interesting lyrics, with good created driving parts, angry vocals! Check the song called Fake Future!!!

reveal - 1997 - dissection of thought (good life recordings)



  1. бля!!! капец!!! крутая группа!!

  2. да) своеобразная довольно

  3. только у меня толи другой альбом был который круче этого гораздо... толи это вообще другая группа = эта запись = ну такоэээ....

  4. Reveal есть две группы. первая сделала семерку на PMA records в 1992 и эта тот альбом что я повешал и потом еще один

  5. thanx so much. it's obviously one of my favourite too by goodlife rec. ++