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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Late in the summer of 1990, four friends in Vancouver started their first band. As Sparkmarker, they toured North America extensively, stormed through Europe, recorded several dozen songs which appeared on a score of releases as well as ten different compilations. Widely considered the forefathers of the post-hardcore scene in Canada, Sparkmarker simply describes their music as “loud. ” They made their mark both musically and socially, especially in Vancouver where the lack of an all-ages venue prompted their participation in starting the Gest Quest co-op. Sparkmarker continued to keep the do it yourself ethic alive by releasing several of their own records, a couple of which far exceeded anyone’s expectations in sales and exposure.

After almost a sum total of a year on tour in their seven year existence, Sparkmarker called it quits towards the end of their summer 1997 tour in Europe.

sparkmarker - 1993 - scallen 7'' (heart first records)

Download: - 1993 - scallen 7'' (heart first records).rar

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