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Sunday, February 5, 2012

the porchfront chat

Also some stuff from Tim. He describes this band - I also was in a I guess you could call it post hardcore/emo band called THE PORCHFRONT CHAT. The band did not last long. The line up for that was me on vocals, my brother Justin on guitar(he was also in Roosevelt and Burgundy) Chris who played bass in Roosevelt(he later played in Red Roses for a Blue Lady) and Dave Leblue from Mercury Program on drums. We recorded a tape right before the band broke up, that was never officially released and other than a handful of people no one has heard.

This band had a chance to be second Sensefield!!! Awesome emo rock, very emotion atmosphere, guitar without distortion, sometimes 2 voices. All fans of true emo will enjoy this stuff.

the porchfront chat - demo 1997 porchfront chat - demo 1997.rar

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