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Saturday, January 14, 2012

counter punch

Do you like Drift Again, Another Wall, Encounter, Shadow Season, Flagman? If yes, this band is for you. I remember that I was hunting for their first 7'' for a long time.

counter punch - 1990 - within reach 7'' (your future records)

Download: punch - 1990 - within reach 7'' (your future records).rar

counter punch - 1991 - inner reality 7'' (reflection records)

Download: punch - 1991 - inner reality 7'' (reflection records).rar


  1. Awesome band. I jave the first seven inch and had been searching for a digital copy. There is also a two song demo tape that I have that I ordered from the band. I believe it came out before the inner reality 7". Great post ...Tim

  2. Thanks, Tim! Can you share that demo tape?

  3. Yes As soon as I rip it I will email it to you. Probably in a couple days...Tim

  4. Just sent you a copy of the demo.

  5. Which 2 song tape do you have? We released 2 different cassette singles. Would love to get a digital copy of what you have as well? I played drums in the band.


  6. whoah...i never even knew counterpunch had a 2nd 7". i only have the first 7" and "words to live by..." comp. i used to have the tape with "til it's gone" and "110%" too, but i must have lost it over the years. I would love to get mp3s of that demo if someone can upload them here or e-mail me at