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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Empathy was an emo band from Royal Oak, Michigan that was an important part of the midwest emo movement, in the mid 90s. They formed in the summer of 1993, initially as a trio with Kevin on guitar, Nathan Miller on bass and Graham Pawluk on drums. In August of 1993 Jay Palumbo joined on vocals and in October Mike came on second guitar. On January 22nd, 1994 this line-up recorded four songs at Sound Camp Studio, three of which were used for their first 7” “…Of Innocence” on Element Records in May 1994. Kevin quit the band, but was replaced by Drew Cramer.

In June of 1994, they recorded all the material which would be used for their album “Under the Lost Smile” at Woodshed Studio, but could not settle a record deal until much later in the year when they were approached by friend Mike Warden of Conquer the World Records. The album was re-mixed in December of 1994 and released on CD and 12” LP in early 1995. Later that year they were paired with another midwest emo band that was making its mark, Enkidle. “Vinyl for Fools” was released on 7” in mid 1995, and would later on be repressed on CD by Initial Records.

In 1996, the band formed their own record label, Cascade Records, and would release albums by Thoughts of Ionesco, 7000 Dying Rats, Chelsea’s Gone Under as well as co-release their last EP “I Need” with Conquer the World on CD and 12”. The band broke up very shortly after this.

My favourite emo hardcore LP.

empathy - 1994 - under the lost smile 12'' (conquer the world records)

Download: - 1994 - under the lost smile 12'' (conquer the world records).rar


  1. i have been looking for this for a long time. Awsome band and LP. Thanks Tim

  2. Love this album, and the middle part of 'Without Conscience' with the girl talking still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, so much pent up anger and frustration in that voice.

  3. Cascade also released a split 12 with Boy Sets Fire and Jazzmans's Needle.

    Thanks for remembering our music.