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Sunday, January 29, 2012

lincoln, hoover

Lincoln was an emo/hardcore band of the early 1990s hailing from Morgantown, WV.

Jay Demko - guitar/vocals (Also played/plays in One, Glendale, Junction, Enderhall, KuKim, On, World Be Free, etc)
John Herod - guitar (Also played in Enderhall)
Dan Ball - bass (Also played in Enderhall)
Justin Wierbonski - drums (Also played in KuKim and Enderhall)
Johanna Claasen - bass (originally, also played in The Most Secret Method)

Demo Cassette, (self-released)
Two Headed Coin: Split 7” w/ Hoover, (1993, Art Monk Construction - AMC#1)
S/T 7”, known as “Watermark”, (1993, Watermark)
S/T 7”, (1994, Art Monk Construction - AMC#7) - Lincoln’s final recordings, with a slightly different Line-up.

My favourite 90's emo band!

Hoover was an American post-hardcore band from Washington, DC. Hoover was formed in 1992, and went on to produce some of the more intense music to appear on the Dischord Records label in the 1990s. Unusually, three of the four members shared vocal duties equally. They are often credited as being a progenitor of math rock along with bands like Drive Like Jehu; indeed, while the band did definitely display influences from DC indie pioneers Fugazi, they also drew comparisons to DLJ and other non-DC bands. Hoover split up in 1994, and have reformed twice: once in 1997 to record a mini-album of ‘odds and ends’, and again in 2004 to tour the US and Europe. It is not clear whether the band will continue to be active. Other projects in which members of Hoover have been involved include The Crownhate Ruin, June of 44, Abilene and Regulator Watts.

lincoln - 1993 - st 7'' (art monk construction)

Download: - 1993 - st 7'' (art monk construction).rar

lincoln - 1993 - union 7'' (watermark records)

Download: - 1993 - union 7'' (watermark records).rar

lincoln & hoover - 1993 - two headed coin 7'' (art monk construction)

Download: & hoover - 1993 - two headed coin 7'' (art monk construction).rar


  1. they also had an unreleased studio lp

  2. I have a copy of the Enderhall demo that my friend got from one of the members when he was living in Virginia Tim

  3. here you got my friend the unreleased LP

  4. hey can you post that Enderhall demo? more info about world to be free?

  5. Any reposts of the Enderhall tracks as well as the unreleased Lincoln album would be GREATLY appreciated. I had some of this stuff on CD-R, but that disc has since crapped out on me. Kukim too!

  6. the lincoln album is not a studio record, but a live radio show... I need the enderhall stuff and the kukim 4 song demo.

  7. Could someone please upload these great records again? Had one of the 7"s on a tape back in like -96, can't remember which one but it was f-n great!

  8. I'd be grateful is someone re uploaded these albums as well as all of the download links are broken.

  9. I just found out Justin Wierbonski has a new band in NYC and it's pretty f-ing killer!