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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Awesome 90’s style hardcore band from Switzerland. I really like this band. Please check them and read lyrics!

We are a band from Eastern Switzerland and have been playing together since September 2008. We’ve played in several bands before and were now motivated to spread our ideas with our music, so we started the band Unveil.

We’ve chosen the name “Unveil” because we think that many people are not aware of how much is going wrong on this planet. We want to take part in making the problems known. We want to unveil them.

We don’t want to turn a blind eye to this world.
We want to confront the everyday problems directly. For us it’s no solution to keep reality away by using drugs. This is why we are a vegetarian/vegan straight edge band.

We want to communicate something with our lyrics. Our lyrics are about personal topics, political aspects and also animal rights. We try to let our emotions influence our music as well as our lyrics.

It’s not our goal to force our ideas upon somebody.

We just want you to start thinking about the consequences of your daily actions.

unveil - 2009 - destruction wherever i go 7'' (start a fire records)


unveil - 2010 - hypnopaedia 7'' (start a fire records)


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