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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So new year is coming. I decided to make some needful presents for myself ahahaha
So I decided to sell some doubles of my records.

I really need my own photo camera - it is really difficult sometimes to get it from my friends to make photos for xONE TRUTHx.

So here is the list of selling records.
I sell only for offers. Don't ask me how much please.Just send offers to xxxonetruthxxx@(no spam)

12 inch

BILLINGSGATE - No Apologies (Cargo Records) Red Vinyl
CHOKEHOLD – Content With Dying (Bloodlink Records) Black Vinyl
CHOKEHOLD - Prison Of Hope (Conquer The World) with Green Cover Black Vinyl
CULTURE - Born Of You (Conquer The World Records) Orange Vinyl
DOUGHNUTS - Feel Me Bleed (Victory Records) Orange Vinyl
DOUGHNUTS - The Age Of The Circle (Victory Records) Blue Vinyl
EARTH CRISIS - All Out War/Firestorm (...) Red Vinyl
FARSIDE - Rigged (Revelation Records) Black Vinyl
FARSIDE - Scrap (Revelation Records) Black Vinyl
FOCAL POINT - Suffering The Masses (Tooth & Nail Records) 1996 Red Vinyl
MEAN SEASON - Grace (New Age Records) Black Vinyl
MORNING AGAIN - The Cleanest War (Conquer The World Records) Black Vinyl
MOUTHPIECE - What Was Said (New Age Records) Black Vinyl
REASON TO BELIEVE - When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance (Nemesis Records) Black Vinyl
RESSURECTION - I Refuse (New Age Records) Red Vinyl
STRONGARM - The Advent Of Miracle (Blank Page Empire Records) 17/30 TEST PRESS Black Vinyl
STRONGARM - The Advent Of Miracle (Blank Page Empire Records) Limited To 15 Green Vinyl
THREADBARE - Feeling Older Faster (Doghouse Records) Black Vinyl

7 inch

CHOKEHOLD – Instilled (Bloodlink Records) Black Vinyl/Cover Show Title
EARTH CRISIS – Firestorm (Victory Records) Black Vinyl
FOCAL POINT – Neglected (xLife Sentencex Records) Black Vinyl
MEAN SEASON – Bleed To Me (New Age Records) Limited Cover 12 0f 47 Black Vinyl
MOUTHPIECE – S/T (New Age Records) Black Vinyl


  1. Interested by your Focal Point 7" !!

  2. send offer to email