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Friday, December 10, 2010


Remission is a Straight Edge Hardcore band from Santiago, Chile. They are 4 free thinking, liberal and agnostic friends who don’t care for other labels to describe us due to our many differences. Remission was born off the ashes of Remains to be seen but at this point has almost nothing to do with that group. They were often compared to Verbal Assault and One Step Ahead.

remission - 2009 - accept LP (amendment records)



  1. hey how're you? I play on remission and the info is wrong cuz we're NOT a straight edge band and that is a remains to be seen picture!

  2. mmm I get picture from
    Ok,thanks, I will make post right later

  3. But still, you cover Chain of Strength :P

    One of the best bands around in thee days...and great you didn't ask for the link to be removed!

  4. Link still was removed )))

    Бро, потёрта ссылка. У меня-то они есть, но может кому захочется.

  5. какой то панк пожаловался что эта ссылка нарушает авторские права и ее удалили

  6. sxe or not! i dont care! i listen to hc and punk over 20years
    remission is one of the best 00´bands i ever heard !!
    thx for makeing so great sound!