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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Awesome band! On of the best hardcore band ever!!! Angry styled, deep emotions! Check this!
A lot of bands who want to play really really heavy music don’t do a very good job making it sound really really good. This is not the case for Minneapolis’ Threadbare.
This band hits you like a baseball bat in the face, and for some reason, they make you want to get hit over and over. A rhythm section forged from steel, dual guitar work that can shift from ear splitting to a lullaby, and a well-spoken, passionate vocalist all give Threadbare the power to say whatever they want and make you want to listen.
Threadbare had attained cult status. They were one of the finest bands ever and were far too short-lived. Escapist was their last offering to the public, we will miss them dearly.
Members of Threadbare have gone on to play in a large number of popular and influential bands.

Carl Skildum - Krakatoa, Picturesque, Tripwire, Seconds Before
Brian Lovoro - The Blinding Light, Switch
Chad Dziewior- The Judas Factor, The Trans Megetti, New Rising Sons, Big Collapse, Downside
Dustin Perry - Bloodline, Libido Boyz, Reach,Snapcase, Attractive
Mike Paradise - Bloodline, Downside, Reach, 108, Picturesque, Seconds Before

threadbare - 1994 - st 7'' (watermark records)


threadbare - 1994 - feeling older faster LP (doghouse records)


threadbare - 1997 - escapist LP (doghouse records)



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