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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Reignition is modern hardcore band which is strongly influenced by 90's newschool stuff like Snapcase, Refused, Threadbare etc from Pennsylvania. As I know they released only 1 7'' on Think Fast Records. I ordered their stuff month ago and when get package find little piece of paper where guys wrote that they will write LP soon. But one week later I read that band broke up. But may be they will release LP before this...Don't know. They sound pretty good so check them!

reignition - 2010 - the epitome of free will 7'' (think fast records)



  1. У них была еще одна семерка, которую они сами выпустили. Называлась она How Far Are You Willing to Push This, тут можно глянуть: Вот ее послушать бы. Еще недавно она была в наличии в дистро Пэник рекордс, но когда я собрался заказывать, то уже все... Если найдешь, дай знать.