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Thursday, February 3, 2011

end in sight

Guys do you like Shield? This band is from Sweden too and they are strong influenced by Shield but played with more newschool hardcore elements. Awesome band. Each seven inch is fucking great. And I was looking for this records for a very long time. Everybody check this band. And if you will not like this band from first song - listen other and you'll understand my love to this band.

End In Sight was a straight edge band from Gislaved (Sweden) who played metal influenced hardcore. Members from this band went on to play in bands like Burning Flames, 8 Days Of Nothing and phoenix undead.

end in sight - 1995 - deep wound 7'' (emotion x records)


end in sight - 1996 - obiter dictum 7'' (grey days records)



  1. If you are interested, I think Combat Rock Shop in Helsinki, Finland still has their 7" for like 1 euro or something :)

  2. My undying grattitude for putting these records up on mediafire, now all i have to do is to chase down the restXD

    Sincerely yours

    St Bernard

  3. Just to add some more from this great band; Their 7" named "Deprogramming the Jocks" and also their split 7" with the Get up and Goers :)

  4. the first time i get into this band when i was bought V/A European Straight Edge compilation somewhere in 99. this compilation was released by GoodLife Recs. so many great bands featured in this compilation including End In Sight. years after, i got End In Sight - Obiter Dictum 7". this band has so much energy and creativity in music and lyrics.