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Monday, April 23, 2012

time for change

Straight Edge, but that’s not what it’s all about- Political, but that’s not what it’s all about- Many members are vegetarian & vegan but that’s not what it’s all about- Hailing from all over Southern California (primarily Pomona & Corona-Riverside) and playing to have fun, get out frustrations, and express oneself in any of the things that might be troubling, concerning, or amusing them. Time For Change is about being people and working through all the shit and all the shine that makes us who we are. To this point (mid-2008) the band has released: Profound EP (Glory Kid) Three Lanes Split EP (Glory Kid) Nothing To Prove Comp. (2 songs) Wasting Away 7inch (Eye For An Eye/Glory Kid) Memoirs LP (New Age Records) “Memoirs” has just been released (Sept. 1st, 2008) on New Age Records. Mainstay members include Andy Gomez (vocals), “Big” Brian Ortiz (drums) & Matt Gonzales (guitar). Fick (bass) has been constant for awhile now & new member Jordy (guitar) has made a welcomed transition into the band. In the past the band has featured a host of friends on bass and second guitar since original members John (guitar) & Lil Bryan (bass) departed (including members of Lockdown, Restrained, Seven Generations, Bound in Blood, the Glory & Vagary). They were formerly known as Soldier X (with a different singer) and released a demo. Andy also operates the Glory Kid Label & is involved in a booking agencey named SOS Booking with friends Nathan Rebolledo & Jon Huskey. Big Brian plays guitar in the band Xibalba ( Matt also has a project band named Wunami ( time for change - 2005 - wasting away 7'' (glory kid records) Download:

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