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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Groove is the band that Chris Wade brought with him to Richmond, VA that featured the tried and true ensemble of musicians from the bands Device and Rebound. the post-punk guitar style (that Chris learned from Gut Rochelle) and the emo sensibilties of this band combined with the freight train rhythm section and scene popularity of Hgual would create Hose.Got.Cable right after this bands demise.

They have released two 7” records:
Crutch/overcast (1991, SunSpot records)
By the Road (1992, Old Glory Records)

groove - 1992 - crutch 7'' (sun spot records)


groove - 1992 - st 7'' (old glory records)



  1. you need to hear the demo. it's obviously a lot rougher than the 7"s, but it also contains a great instrumental track with a prank phone call running through it talking about pregnant girlfriends and fighting in mcdonald parking lots. priceless. "fake tattoo"

  2. Do you have this demo!?
    I need to listen, haha.
    Email me -

  3. Best group of people I ever played with. A stone called honor.

    Nathan Camfiord