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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

between earth and sky

A collection of five individuals bound together by a love for the writings of Ernest Becker and Samuel Beckett and endless amounts of vegan food have finally after nine long years managed to pull their personal lives together long enough to synthesize their perspectives on tragic experiences into a collection of songs infused with anguish and hope. Profoundly inspired by the inevitability of suffering, and the need to collect ourselves psychologically if we hope to ever be of any help to a world that so desperately calling for attention, action, and care, the members of BETWEEN EARTH & SKY delve deeply into irony by attempting to use powerful, yet melodic hardcore songs with insightful lyrics in a vain attempt to unravel their anxiety about the inevitability of their demise.
Featuring a line up of experienced members (Greg Bennick, Alexei Rodriguez, and EJ Bastien of TRIAL and CATHARSIS; Sean Lande of STRAIN and BY A THREAD; and Happy Kreter of GOB and BURDEN).
BETWEEN EARTH & SKY "Of roots and wings" LP contains 5 new songs and one instrumental recorded by Blair Calibaba (Strain, Trial) and Paul Forgues (Slayer, Hatebreed) in 2009 and 2010. CD version contains additional band interview and a song taken from "Power Of Ten" 7" (Excursion Records). US version is coming out later as a double 7" on Hellfish Records.

between earth and sky - 2011 - of roots and wings 12'' (refuse records)

Download: earth and sky - 2011 - of roots and wings 12'' (refuse records).rar



  2. Thanks for the upload, was this ripped from a USB turntable? I've heard higher quality versions of these songs online, I'm assuming those are from the CD version. Hopefully someone rips that soon!

  3. Damn!! this is an amazing band !!!!! thanks))