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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Based straight edge metalcore band that formed from the ashes of the Christian metalcore band One way. Along with Vegan Reich, Raid pioneered the Vegan straight edge movement and the Hardline lifestyle and ideology, alongside the English band Statement.

Their music was loud, fast, didactic hardcore that was as uncompromising as their political beliefs. Not to mention being an artistic expression of their stance against drugs, alcohol, sexism, racism and for animal liberation. Their output started as fairly conventional hardcore punk, which gradually evolved to incorporate elements of heavy metal and effectively became spokesmen for the Hardline movement.

In 1989, they self released a demo tape and this led to a seven-inch single called Words of War a year later through Vegan Reich’s own label, Hardline Records. The band split as they moved away from the straight edge lifestyle, but not before recording some session singles tentatively titled Above The Law. It was released posthumously in 1995 by Victory Records, titled Hands off The Animals.

raid - 1992 - above the law LP (hardline records)


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