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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Quixote was a post-hardcore band from Kalamazoo, MI. Formed somewhere in 1996, the band featured Joel Wick of Jihad (bass), Tony Uminn (guitar) and Paul Wartella (drums). At some point Mike Gard stepped in to fill Paul’s place behind the drum set. Quixote had released most of the records on Joel’s own Makoto Recordings. Their discography consists of a 7” entitled ‘A Force’, a self-titled CD, a split with The Trans Megetti and the ‘Protests Of The Weak’ 12”, plus they recorded for a couple compilations. The band broke up in 2000, Mike joined Keleton DMD, Joel played in Sealucky (errr, not sure if it’s actually post-Quixote, confirmation needed).

quixote - 1996 - st 7'' (makoto recordings)



  1. sealucky also had members of constantine sankathi if i remember right. anyways it was pre-quixote

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