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Sunday, January 23, 2011

set adrift

Set Adrift is 90's influenced newschool hardcore/straight edge band from Ukraine in the vein of Outspoken, Drift Again, The Suppression Swing. Here play guys from Odessa, Lviv and Kiev.

Cassete release is available from awesome label Reason Records -
Also we will put seven inch soon on my new record label One Truth Records (check this blog for further information).

Members -

Influences - against the wall, inside out, outspoken, drift again, the suppression swing, eleven thirty-four, mean season, endpoint, temperance, encounter, turning point

set adrift - 2011 - from the inside ... into nowhere ep



  1. this band is very good.
    vegetarian, straight edge, 90s hardcore style.
    what else can we ask?
    hugs from mexico

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  3. Set Adrift is amazing. Now, for Set Adrift there will always will be a room in my heart, and my ipod.)
    P.s. Hugs for mexico from UA.
    P.p.s. Best regards to all.

  4. I'm surprised you did mastering so fast. You just finished recording 2 days ago, right? And it was up already on Sunday!

  5. Man, what is it with you ukrainian people? You come out with such good bands :)

    Well, to tell you the truth, I am in many ways love with a lot of stuff that comes from east of me. Not only do I love what everyone should, that is the writings of guys like Tolstoy or Dostojevsky, but I also dig the recent hardcore-bands that have come out from the so called "Ex-USSR-area". Verdict, Aspire, xDeclarationx and all that.

    Much love from Finland, hopefully someday I can come out there and check out your scene!



  6. Hi Kimmo
    It was really great to read such review with many good words. Your support is important for us.

    I can recommend you to check next bands from ex-USSR area -
    Still - I'd just post them in blog. My favourite band from Ukraine which played in the vein of Mouthpiece.
    Time Of Defeats - 90's influenced metalcore from Ukraine which are influenced by Morning Again, Focal Point etc.

    And next bands from Russia -
    Obsession - 90's influenced newschool hardcore in the vein of Outspoken.
    Iration - play similar metalcore as Green Rage, Canon.

    You can check all this bands in xOne Truthx.

    Ahahah someday I met tourist from Finland in my native city - he is influenced in punk scene. So I can say I have friend in Finland)))

    Also Kimmo, can you tell me about bands from Finland which play in the vein of 90's newschool stuff.



  7. Hey Max!

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I will write you e-mail in better time.

    You can find me on Facebook or Myspace:

    Again, thanks for this blog!