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Saturday, November 27, 2010

So good news! We make it really fast so at the moment you can listen radio when you visit this shitty blog! Yeah yeah on-line radio where you can hear 90's newschool and other right stuff! I think it's cool idea - maybe some local readers remember One Truth Nights))))

You can download plugin to listen this radio on right side of blog - I recommend to use Mozilla or GoogleChrome.

And...I want to say big thanks to my friend Pasha Powar who helped me with making this radio was possible - he made all this work with settings etc.

Ahahahahahahaha))) So if you like this idea write your thanks in comments.

Also if you want to listen some unusual music check his own radio

Maybe in future I will make some ethers about music...Future will show this.

So enjoy guys!


  1. thanks man,this is good idea :)

  2. круто круто))) помню даже ван труф наит