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Monday, May 10, 2010

inside out

This is a band that as Burn, gave very strong influence for 90's newschool hardcore. And without this seven inch hardcore history will be uncomplete. At first I don't like this band - I thought what the shit they play. But some time later I buy their record from some guy from Belgium,listen it some night and...I really like them. Very interesting music, great lyrics. By A Thread and No Spiritual Surrender are fucking great songs! So download them.

inside out - 1990 - no spiritual surrender (revelation records)


Это группа которая также как и Burn, оказала огромное влияние на развитие нюскул хардкора 90-ых,и без них эта история была бы неполной. Сначала они мне совсем не понравились - я послушал и подумал че за дерьмо они играют. Потом как то купил ихнюю пластинку у чувака из Бельгии (чисто для колекции) и однажды ночью решил послушать и...они очень сильно вперли меня. Отличное музло с интересной лирикой. Песни By A Thread и No Spiritual Surrender вобще ох..енны. Качайте!

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  1. ....and here an add if you did not knew it...the singer "zack de la rocha" is the frontman of an other projects called "rage against the machine" which was a song from inside out short time before they split up!