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Saturday, March 31, 2012

point of no return

Point Of No Return (1996-2006) was a vegan straightedge political band that started in 1996 as a side project of Self-Conviction members, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since then, they were focused on the Third World struggles and on the animal liberation fight. The band always existed as a means to go against a system that enslaves, oppresses, tortures and destroys individual lives as well as the entire planet. Point Of No Return first CD, “Centelha” (Sparks), by Liberation Records, was released in 2000 and became a division line between everything that came before that album and anything that would come later. Mixing post-Earth Crisis metal mosh with death metal elements, “Centelha” takes this formula the further it could go, with excellent riffs and transitions, and three singers screaming to the world their own point of view, out of the First World hardcore perspective. After a seven months break and a supposed “last show” in Argentina, the band came back with a new album in 2002, “Liberdade Imposta, Liberdade Conquistada” (Imposed Freedom, Conquered Freedom), once again by Liberation Records. The songs were more deep and melancholic, but also with a strong influence from bands like Cro-Mags, Judge and Napalm Death. The lyrics, finally completely in Portuguese, dealt about political and social issues in a more mature and critical way, and brought out a completely new - and Brazilian - perspective of straightedge and hardcore. The band played its last show in 2006.

point of no return - 1997 - st 7'' (catalyst records)


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