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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nothing In Vain Records SUCKS

Nothing In Vain Records SUCKS!!!!

Nothing In Vain Records ( is hardcore label from Atlanta which is running by Garrett X Lewis (his facebook page). I payed on 22th of February 2011 – (Unique Transaction ID #6W965446RG112182J) for Deathbed 7’’ pre-order. I was waiting for this shit for a long time! On July I wrote to Geoff – singer of Deathbed, asking contacts of man who is running Nothing In Vain Records. He gave me facebook page of Garrett. I wrote to him asking where is my fucking order – pre-orders begin to send in the middle of May as I remember. He answered me and told that I will get my record in next 2 weeks cause he was very busy, didn’t have time for sending. I said OK, I will wait. I was waiting 2 months again. Again no package. I wrote again asking – Man, what’s the fuck? Where is my package. I am totally bored of waiting for it. 9 fucking months!!! For some shitty pre –order. Garrett wrote me – Don’t worry Max, you’ll get everything this month. Ok. I was waiting again. 1.5 months again. And now I am totally fucked up for this situation. And wanna say that Nothing In Vain is shitty hardcore label and that Garrett should fuck himself if he didn’t have time to send my package for 9 month!!!


  1. Dude, this shit is everywhere. To be honest, Bridge9 lost my BIG package with lots of stuff and did not give a fuck after lots of e-mails and the whole 12 months!

  2. This sucks to hear! Go listen to some PITTBULL!!! "You Deserve Worse" & "Don't Make Me" to burn off some aggression!!! And then COLD AS LIFE & RICOCHET!!! Yeah, we have the best hardcore bands ever! And we can't forget NEGATIVE APPROACH!!! Sorry to hear about your order never getting sent out! I'll email him to ask what happened to your record cuz that's b.s.!!! Stay strong, brother! Great blog...keep it up!!!

  3. This label is from Memphis, Tennessee...not Atlanta