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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Beltaine - post hardcore/rock from Rhode Island. In the summer of 1993, James Quigley, along with friends Way O’Malley and Henry Evans began creating music together. Through word of mouth, they found drummer Sean Gilchrist and guitarist Paul Vieira who had been playing together for years. Practicing for hours in a small barn out in Charlestown, Rhode Island the five members wrote songs quickly and easily. In just a few months they were recording their four song cassette demo at Sampson Studios in Tiverton, RI with engineer Keith Souza (now owner of Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI). Numerous local shows followed. The band recorded more songs for a 3 song vinyl EP that eventually came out on Watermark records, though you would be hard pressed to actually find any anywhere! Later in ‘94 after a show at Club Babyhead, Henry was asked to leave due to “musical differences” and the band drafted in Shawn St. Martin who, despite playing some guitar, had never played bass before. More practicing and writing of songs followed with a recording for a full length album/demo for Columbia Records. Unsatisfied with the end result, the band decided not to release it and resumed recording other songs at Sampson. A 2 song vinyl EP and five song cassette were released on the Atomic Action label from Middletown, RI. Way decided to leave Beltaine in the early summer of ‘96. Deciding to continue as a four piece, the band sounded more focused and powerful and went on to record their full length cd for Atomic Action, titled Crowning The Caged Kid. In the next year waiting for the cd’s release, Beltaine would play some incredible live shows with bands such as Jawbox, Bluetip, the Warmers, Kerosene 454 and others. Drummer Sean Gilchrist did a short stint drumming for Dischord recording artists Bluetip on their Feb/March ‘97 tour. Sean left Beltaine in November ‘97 and now plays in the studio/live for songwriter Leah Carlson. The remaining members found a new drummer and continued on for over a year as Woken By Wire, releasing an excellent 10” EP on Corleone Records. Guitarist Paul Vieira now plays in The Chinese Stars. Recordings: Self released 4 song cassette EP Structure 3 song vinyl EP (Watermark Records) 1994 Rototillthesky 2 song vinyl EP (Atomic Action) 1996 Misguided 5 song cassette EP (Atomic Action) 1997 Crowning The Caged Kid full length cd(Atomic Action) 1997

beltaine - 1994 - st 7'' (watermark records)


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