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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since the release of their 1995 debut “Thirst for Immortality” 7” (Pin Drop Recs) Their follow up full length release “Songs of Self” (Pin Drop Recs), With tracks as “My Sins” (the worlds most intense break-up song!) and the crowd favorite “24”, fists fly in the pit as the sing-a-longs create pile-ons.

Touring coast to coast to support each release, Grimlock’s equally energetic live show not only created a devoted following but also caught the attention of Life Sentence Records. With the release of 1998’s “Crusades of Reality” EP, they kept the brutality rolling with tracks like “I Offer No Pity” and “The Pain Game”. Again, a combination of heavy music with aggressive lyrics supplied their fanbase with more anthems of chaos.

But in the Summer of 1999, due to the constant financial struggles of touring and musical and personal differences, Grimlock decided to take time away from the scene. With each member going their own way, it gave the band time to clear their heads and later regroup with a few changes.

Now reunited in 2003, Grimlock have been working on new material. They are preparing to hit the studio this summer and will follow with a tour. Continuing with the formula that worked for them in the past.

Band Members;

Tattoo (The Blade) Myrdal - Bass,
JohnLock the Grim - Vocals,
$roka Fantastic- Drums,
Animal Reynolds - Guitar,
Jonny Zoro - Guitar.

grimlock - 1995 - thirst for immortality 7'' (pin drop records)


grimlock - 1998 - crusades of reality 10'' (lifeforce records)



  1. Didn't realize they are back together. Looking forward to a new album and tour!

  2. Originally CD on xLIFE SENTENCEx RECORDS (LSR 17). so Lifeforce made a 10'' like Arkangel? I didn't know