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Monday, May 16, 2011


I don't have any info about this band but Jackhammer is really one of the best unknown bands. You need to check them. Angry, slowly chugga chugga in the vein of Mean Season. Last 2 weeks I listened to them everyday. First release was demo tape on Catalyst Records in 1993 and they guys putted out 7'' on Initial Records - and as you know Initial don't have shitty releases)))

jackhammer - 1993 - demo cassete (catalyst records)

jackhammer - estranged 7'' (initial records)



  1. The only information i have is that Kurt Catalyst was in the band :)

  2. Kurt played bass on the demo, but not the 7-inch. Clay from Split Lip also played guitar on the demo. They were super, duper heavy live.