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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Best Ukrainian hardcore band ever!!! It was fucking hard to describe them with my poor English) At first I saw them 1.5 years ago in Ivano - Frankivsk. They should play with have Heart and some other bands. Maybe thet was their debut show. Well they were the best that day! When I hear Time To Realize I pick up on stage and had great time there)

There were some shows after that too. Aspire also played great covers - Outspoken, Strife etc. Every show I visited was awesome! So much energy from stage! Clever words from stage!

In November 2009 they present their debut CD.

You all should check them!!! They are really nice guys - trust me!

aspire - 2009 - st EP (self x true records)


And want to give my big thanks for guys from Aspire - all that you are doing with your music is very important.

Everyone who hasn't listen this band yet - should check this


  1. первый концерт был 9 июля в соколе,франык уже вторым считается.

  2. спасибо)буду знать)макс

  3. fav european vegan edge band at the moment! love their music!