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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Kingpin is one of the first bands that started to play music which now we can call 90's emo mix 90's newschool hardcore.
Kingpin give many influence for such bands as Temperance, Outspoken, Shield, Endpoint.
Middle temp guitar, personal lyrics and great melodic vocal.
This guys had only one seven inch.

kingpin - 1991 - holding tomorrow (suburban voice records)


Kingpin одна из первых групп которая начала играть музыку которую мы сейчас можем назвать 90's emo newschool hardcore. Эти ребята очень повлияли на такие группы как Temperance, Outspoken, Shield, Endpoint. Выпустили к сожалению только одну семерку.


  1. dude! u're awesome! thanx for this!

  2. I am watching the DVD from the band PIEBALD from Boston, and they mention that their old drummer used to be in Kingpin, I had no Idea about that. I just knew that another of their drummer was also in FASTBREAK.

  3. There's also an unreleased kingpin EP!